15 June 2009

Here's the story . . .

Of a blended family, who is making it up as we go along.

There are five of us, if you count the new dog, and we just found our home.

Well, that is not, exactly true...we made the offer five months ago, but on June 5th we signed the papers. Now it is ours to own.

The house, its needs some work, so we are living in a construction zone. I have discovered, these things move slowly, when you are doing them on your own.

We have no WiFi and a half built swing set and a yard that is truly a place to roam.

The downstairs is where we are hiding, all the boxes that contain most of what we own. So in the meantime, we eat on paper and are drinking out of party cubs galore.

Its an adventure! It is a new life! And I think we are all glad we got this far.

I really, can't keep up this rhyme scheme, so I am going to sign off with this: I will post pictures, of the remodel and surely stories as we move ahead.

I've missed the writing, so I am back now and it seems like time.

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