25 June 2009

Goodie Bags

My child is growing up entirely too fast. Today we went to the dentist and she had her teeth cleaned. Like a GROWN UP.
Except that at the end she got a whole bag full of goodies and toys and all sorts of stuff and all I ever get is floss.
Tonight we are going to go home and attempt to make more progress on the never ending swing set.
In an effort to distract myself from its neverending-ness, I went out and bought her a nice little wooden table too, because there were just not enough things in boxes that need to be put back together...we needed NEW stuff to assemble!
I am surprised by how much I love our house. Even though the downstairs is still a shambles and I have no idea what to do with our room or bathroom or the random extra room or, for that matter, the "play" room which has a lot of boxes, but no designated furniture...cardboard couch anyone? Rubbermaid tub chaise?
I really am not at all a fan of the split level house. And our place is a straight up seventies split. I don't like the congested entryway or the lack of places to hang things. I don't like the architecturally un-interesting-ness boxiness of the "style"
I think we are starting to do interesting things with color that make the rooms a little bit more spacious and cozy at the same time.
NotMarsha's room is something of an unexpected dream entirely of her own design.
I think I will need to rally this weekend and bust back into the paint. We moved all the supplies from the kitchen to the garage two weeks ago when we had company for a bbq and I have not picked up a brush since then. Time to get it squared away so that we can unpack the boxes. RF described our kitchen as "schizophrenic" last weekend, what with the stainless steel stove and our camping utensils.
I am also excited to post pics as soon as I can claim that even just ONE room is officially done, trim and pictures and all.
I am excited to empty the boxes and be done with them for good. Its like Christmas opening boxes full of stuff that I haven't seen in a year or two or three or five. Like my very own Goodie Bags (Boxes) from the Second Chance Fairy.
They remind me that I really do possess the things of a life, even if they have been stashed away in a 6x8 storage unit for awhile, like maybe I can DO this the second time around.
I long to be settled. I am never, ever moving again. Seriously. All of those things still feel very far away. Lofty goals of questionable attainability that at the very least are worth striving for. . .

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