21 July 2009

Dear Internet,

Freaking life is freaking complicated.

That is all.

07 July 2009

Well! That was something! You Betcha!

Well! She did it again! Right out of NOWHERE LaGova quit. Ran, ran, ran, right off the court and out of the stadium and is somewhere between the Sports Complex and her house going HaHaHa! I showed you........

What, exactly, Sarah Palin has showed us is as fuzzy for those of us in Alaska is it is to just about anyone else on the planet.

It has been a fairly fantastic few days from my perspective.

It all started here. Which, quite frankly, I found to be highly enjoyable.

Then there was this, which blew my mind on any number of levels. Namely, the length. Also, I think that she wrote it her self (as evidence I offer you...the length). It is F I V E P A G E S L O N G . Now, I am both a runner and a regular reader of Runner's World and this is somewhat unprecedented. David Patterson's, for example, who is also a Governor, was two.

Well, then the whole world of Sarah Palin exploded on Friday with her announcement that she was done being Governor and was passing the ball to her Lt. Gov to finish all the boring stuff, like the last 18 months of her term. Her term which she campaigned for and asked the 600,000 or so citizens of this State to hire her to do. From Juneau, where she never really bothered to live...oooh, perhaps we could have seen this coming.

I'm not foolish enough to believe that she is going away. I'm sure she has two or three tricks up her sleeves and will prove to be, in the future, at least as annoying to me personally as she has been thus far. I can't say that I'll miss her much though in the meantime. Or that I think the State would be better off with her at the helm.

Hell, I had a frazzilon dollar book deal, I'd probably drop my day job too.